Red Wine and Soy–Braised Short Ribs Recipe

any recommendations for how to make this in an instant pot?


Delicious! I halved the meat called for in the recipe, and made about 2/3 of the sauce (always nice to have more sauce!). Total cook time for the meat (simmering) was about 4 hours, though probably could have done this in a slow cooker. I made it on Sunday afternoon/evening, reheated on the stove-top with a couple tablespoons of gochujang on Tuesday and it made a perfect, easy weeknight dinner with leftovers! So good!


The “jam” that this makes is absolutely delicious! Cooking down the red wine with the more traditional Korean flavorings is fantastic. For non-meat eaters, I: browned the aromatics, added the braising ingredients, simmered them partially covered for two hours, added the radish and 4# of 1″ pieces of squid (broken down from 4 large frozen squid, cleaned), simmered them in the “jam” for an hour, and garnished it as described. Just wonderful, served with a mixture of 1-1/2 cups short-grain brown rice and 1/2 cup millet, cooked

AnonymousBuffalo, NY03/04/19

I decided to do the braising in a slow cooker. I should have left the cover slighty off to keep the broth thicker. When transfering everything to a slow cooker the cook time will longer. I went a litt too long, but it still came out a winner!! I even tried the persian crispy rice!! I boiled the rice a little too long and didn’t bake the rice long enough. However, I loved the flavor. I decided to use goji berries because that’s what I had in my fridge and it came out SO YUMS!! Next time i’ll cut the recipe down by half. Instead of the fennel, I used a Korean pear because I wanted that crispy sweet crunch my lettuce cups and that turned out really nice. I followed the fennel recipe to a tee except used the large korean pear vs fennel.

Aloha AumHawaii03/03/19

Made these tonight – braising liquid was delicious, but my short ribs turned out tough and not tender – I thought that I followed the recipe exactly, what did I do wrong??


To Anonymous from Portland, OR – the recipe states “4 lb. 2″-thick boneless beef short ribs OR 5 lb. 2″-thick crosscut bone-in short ribs” – The photo shows regular short ribs because that’s probably what was used.

AnonymousTerrebonne, OR03/01/19

First off, great recipe with well done ratios. Definitely worth your time to make. I made it for two guy friends and it is now their favorite meal. However, two major points. 1) whatever you do, don’t make it in a “small pot”. Use a thick bottomed heavy medium-large pot or dutch oven, especially if choosing the 5lb of bone-in short ribs. 2) pre-searing the meat doesn’t give you as clean braising liquid as pre-boiling out the fat. But I prefer the sear on the meat over boil, just skim the fat off the top as its braising and it comes out great!

AnonymousHouston, TX02/27/19

Recipe calls for Boneless or Flanken-Cut Short Ribs. Photo shows regular cut short ribs.

AnonymousPortland OR02/27/19

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