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Kentucky Butter Cake with Strawberries and Cream

This recipe takes your favorite Kentucky butter cake to another level! This amazingly moist cake is drizzled with a butter sauce and then topped with strawberries and cream for a show stopping treat!

A Kentucky butter cake topped with strawberries and cream on a cake stand

There is never a bad time for cake…never! If you haven’t had a Kentucky cake before I implore you to give this a go! It’s a perfect occasion cake, or simply enjoy it with a mid afternoon cup of coffee.

How To Make A Kentucky Butter Cake

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Prep: Grease and flour a 10 inch tube pan and pre heat the oven.

Combine: Cream the butter and sugar and mix in the eggs in one bowl. In another bowl mix the dry ingredients. Combine the two bowls while adding buttermilk. Pour the batter into the pan.

Bake: Bake until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Let the cake cool.

Finish: Remove the cake from the pan. Poke holes in it and pour over the butter sauce. Top with the strawberries and cream.

How to make the butter sauce

Heat the sugar, salt, butter and water and whisk til combined. Remove from the heat and mix in the almond and vanilla extract.

How to make the strawberries and cream

Whisk together all of the ingredients, except for the strawberries until stiff peaks form. Fold in the strawberries.

A kentucky butter cake served on a cake stand
Close up of the strawberries and cream topping

What Is A Kentucky Butter Cake?

A butter cake is similar to a pound cake, it has a rich and buttery taste and has fine crumbs with a moist and tender texture. It is much lighter than a pound cake though and the butter sauce that is poured over the cake creates a wonderful sugary crust.

Can you make it ahead of time?

It’s actually highly encouraged to make this butter cake at least a day, if not two ahead of time. This really allows the flavors to develop and the cake becomes more moist as it sits.

Let the cake cool and pour over the butter sauce, then store it at room temperature and keep it covered. Do not add the strawberries and cream topping until you are ready to serve it.

Overhead shot of the Kentucky butter cake
A slice of Kentucky butter cake served on a plate

Can you freeze it?

Yes! This cake will keep well frozen for up to 3 months. Glaze the cake and let it cool completly before wrapping in plastic wrap and foil. Place in a freezer bag and freeze.

Allow the cake to thaw in the fridge overnight and let it come to room temperature before adding the strawberries and cream and serving.

The inside of the cake
A slice taken out of the kentucky butter cake

Recipe Notes and Tips

  • Use room temperature ingredients when you make the cake batter. It is harder to over mix them and results in a softer and fluffier cake.
  • Thoroughly cream the butter and sugar until fluffy. This will help to trap air and will make your Kentucky butter cake less dense.
  • Don’t over mix. When adding the eggs, just beat them until the yellow has disappeared. If you over mix them it can cause the batter to be too runny.
  • Don’t keep checking your cake in the oven. Wait until 55 minutes to check for doneness otherwise your cake could collapse.
Close up of a slice of the cake with strawberries and cream topping

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