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Cinnamon Sugar Crumb Topping

Cinnamon Sugar Crumb Topping

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Editor’s Note: Cinnamon is a great way to top off any dessert recipes, and this Cinnamon Sugar Crumb Topping is no exception. With just a few ingredients, you’ll have a delicious, buttery cinnamon topping that’s the perfect finishing touch for a classic coffee cake recipe.

You can use this for a multitude of dessert ideas — from ice cream to pie to apple crisp, cinnamon and sugar is a winning combination. Not to mention the fact that cinnamon has a multitude of health benefits, so you could say you’re doing yourself a favor!

This easy crumble topping will add just the right amount of sweetness to almost any baked dessert in your repertoire. Make sure to try the author’s recipe for Blackberry Raspberry Crumb Topping, which includes this easy crumble topping!

This is a great crumb topping, rich with the flavors of cinnamon and brown sugar. It also happens to be lower in fat than most toppings, but don’t tell anyone — they’d never know by the buttery taste.

Five Ingredients or LessYes

Taste and TextureButtery, Sweet

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