20 Pics from the New Noma

Noma, the pinoeering restaurant whch spearheaded the New Nordic movement, has finally re-opened at a new site in Copenhagen after closing for almost a year. 

Having spent the intervening time popping up in Mexico and scouring the land and sea of Northern Europe for inspiration for the new menu, René Redzepi and the team finally opened Noma 2.0 on 16 February on a considerably more rugged plot of land, with a total of 11 buildings, including three greenhouses, a fermentation lab and eventually, a 2100 square foot garden, reports the Wall Street Journal

If you’ve been following the build-up to the relaunch you’ll know that the new Noma menu is divided into three distinct seasons: vegetables in the summer, game in the autumn, and right now, seafood. Thus the very excited first diners at the reluanched restaurant have been sharing their pics online using #nomaocean, as selection of which you can see below. 

Jellyfish and pinecones are just a couple of the ingredients that people have been hashtagging the hell out out of already. 

First, watch a short video featuring René Redzepi.




Cod cheek. Instagram/@jaw_box 

Pumpkin seeds, rose, uni. Instagram/@triinsolland


Pickled vegetables and arctic herbs. Instagram/@triinsholland

Sea snail broth. Instagram/@jaw_box

Poached blue mussels. Instagram/@minta_eats


Venus clams. Instagram/@jaw_box

Jellyfish. Instagram/@cspo

Linfjord oyster. Instagram/@cspo


Sea snail, rose petals, snail roe, kelp. Instagram/@nomacph

Mahogany clam. Instagram/@cspo


Trout roe and egg yolk. Instagram/@treefrog1983

Cloudberries and pinecones. Instagram/@cspo


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