5 Michelin-Starred Chefs Show You How to Cook Pasta

You can never have too many great pasta recipes can you? So, with that in mind, we’ve collected five videos featuring Michelin-starred chefs showing you how to cook pasta in different ways, including three-starred Italian chef Enrico Crippa and Matias Perdermo of the newly starred Contraste restaurant in Milan.

Overcooked your pasta? Don’t worry, Davide Scabin has devised five recipes that make use of overcooked pasta as an ingredient. And if you’re completely new to making fresh homemade pasta, check out the video at the bottom from ChefSteps, which shows you how to make fresh pasta at home in five easy steps. 

You can see more Michelin-starred chefs cooking pasta in different ways here and, while you’re at it, why not test your pasta knowledge with our tricky pasta shapes quiz – can you name all 18 different pasta shapes? 

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