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  • Carrot Patch “Dirt” Cups | Gimme Some Oven

    Easy45 minsVegetarian These Carrot Patch “Dirt” Cups are made with an easy chocolate-avocado mousse, topped with crumbled Oreos, then topped with (naturally-colored) chocolate-covered strawberry “carrots”.  Totes adorbs…and perfect for Spring! This post is sponsored by McCormick. Raise your hand if you grew up eating “dirt” cake! I still vividly remember the day back in 5th grade […] More

  • Lavender Latte – Iced Lavender Vanilla Latte Recipe

    by Jessica on March 22, 2018 11 8 Or in other words, where the heck is spring?! Can we will it to us with a lavender latte? All I want to do is drink a lavender latte in the sunshine! MY OTHER RECIPES I can’t believe we are under a foot of snow here at […] More

  • Farro Porridge with Brown Sugar Soaked Cherries and Almonds

    Farro is a perfect grain to make porridge out of.  Farro Poridge may be my favorite winter breakfast. I wouldn’t say I’m a creature of habit but I do have several things that I stick by on a normal basis.   Oatmeal and Winter go commonly together too. . Oatmeal has been getting me through the colder […] More

  • Best Banana Bread |

    Updated March 21, 2018 This image courtesy of Shutterstock This is absolutely the best banana bread recipe around. I grew up on banana bread made with butter, but I believe this version made with oil is better. And banana bread is perfect for using up those bananas that are too ripe to eat. So, don’t […] More

  • 14 Kitchen Tips Worth Memorizing

    Everyone has their own groove in the kitchen—the ingredients they reach for constantly, their methods for prepping dinner, the tools that get more use than their televisions (okay, maybe not that but, you get the idea). Having your own groove is good, because to each their own and all that. But there are some non-negotiables […] More

  • sweet potato black bean chili

      Simply put, a meatless Monday masterpiece.  Filling yet healthy and light.  I ate it straight up as photographed above, with the shredded pepper jack cheese and sliced avocado.  The next day you can warm it up with a whole wheat tortilla in a pan, melt the cheese and add the chili with hot sauce […] More

  • Summer Shandy Recipe with Tequila (Pink Summer Shandy)

    Summer Shandy Recipe with Tequila (Pink Summer Shandy) was my favorite fun cocktail in college! Made with pink lemonade, light beer, and tequila, its the perfect drink for warmer weather. There’s something about tequila, beer and lemonade, that just go together. This Summer Beer is a recipe you’ll make again and again. Summer Shandy with […] More

  • Caramel Oat Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Bars

    These easy and delectable caramel oat chocolate chunk (or chocolate chip!) shortbread bars are amazing! Try one warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream – so yummy! I love bar desserts. Love ’em. They are my go-to Sunday sweet when I haven’t thought far enough ahead to make a triple layer chiffon cake with […] More

  • The Best Key Lime Pie

    This Key Lime Pie is truly the best I’ve ever tried! Super tangy and tart with a sweet edge, it’s a cinch to make and couldn’t be tastier! Normally, this little blogger loathes anything sour and tart. I grew up in the sour candy generation (or feels like it, anyway). WarHeads, sour Skittles, Sweet Tarts, sour […] More

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